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Physical therapists (Ph. Th.) are movement experts who optimise quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and patient education. Physical therapists teach patients how to prevent or manage their condition so that they will achieve long-term health benefits.

Physical Therapy is a scientific form of assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction using a combination of hands-on techniques including massage and stretching.  It is an extremely versatile discipline, which is used to treat a variety of different people and their health conditions. 

It is an effective form of treatment and prevention of a wide variety of muscle related conditions.

Physical therapists are trained to make every consultation and treatment patient centred.  This manifest itself in a few ways; a longer visit with more time spent on history-taking, more emphasis in discussing the injury or problem with a patient, more emphasis on looking at the holistic picture.  Physical therapists also emphasise the importance of engaging the patient fully in the treatment plan and to do this they must first try to explain their diagnosis and agree a solution or treatment plan. 

Physical Therapy works by using several different methods to gradually increase the strength of the muscles, bones and connective tissues in the body; this helps to increase the range of movement and flexibility around the joints. The method used usually depends on the individual case and the nature of the patient’s illness and general health. Physical Therapy is designed to enhance the body’s movement; the philosophy is founded on the belief that general health will be better if the muscles and joints function effectively.

Another major part of Physical Therapy is education; physical therapists teach patients how to improve and maintain standards of general health, as well as treating specific injuries. Education is centred on making positive lifestyle choices and teaching patients to cope with any temporary or lasting effects of an illness with the greatest possible degree of independence.

Many musculoskeletal conditions develop slowly over the years. This is often due to repeated minor injuries, poor posture or stress on muscles due to seating or standing position at work. The muscles shorten and tighten, often interfering with the range of movement and causing stiffness and pain of varying degrees.


Dara’s approach is both preventative and remedial. With Physical Therapy she will offer a range of treatments for the most commonly presented muscle and joint-related conditions, including, not restricted to the following:

Dara Mahon B.Sc. Ph. Th. M.I.A.P.T. F.P.I is a practicing Physical Therapist for almost 5 years. Dara is based in the Dooradoyle area of Limerick. 

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